Java Language is better than C Language?

Java Language vs C Language

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yes, Jva is better than c language.Some reasons are:
1. There is no concept of pointers.Hence, more secure.
2. Exception handling provided.
3. Based on OOP concepts unlike c.
4. Java is higl level language.
5. Platform independent as JVM present.
6.C uses the top-down {sharp & smooth} approach while JAVA uses the bottom-up {on the rocks}approach.
7.C breaks down to functions while JAVA breaks down to Objects. C is more procedure-oriented while JAVA is data-oriented.
8. Unlike C, JAVA does not support Preprocessors, & does not really them.
9. Java supports multi inheritence using interfaces.
10. JAVA supports Method Overloading while C does not support overloading at all.

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