Can anybody tell me how can I improve my chemistry for AIIMs? I'm very weak in chemistry. Can ya suggest any good objective book

plz answer

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  • In aiims,chemistry paper is of moderate level with concept based ,memory based and problem should thoroughly clear your concept with ncert books.
    Physical chemistry-study it thoroughly in ncert and memorise the formulas and practice as much as mcqs you can and graph based questions should be studied with formula should be in your mind.
    Inorganic chemistry-it is basically memory have to learn it thoroughly from ncert books and practice as much as mcqs you can.there is not such concept based questions.
    Organic chemistry-it is very important portion of chemistry. Highest questions in chemistry are from first study thoroughly ncert books basically name reactions mechanism etc. After that practice mcqs related to these forms.
    After studying ncert you may go through these books
    Op tandon for organic
    P bahadur for physical and in organic
    Arihant objective chemistry by rk Gupta
    After that do previous year papers.
    For assertion and reasoning question you should study thoroughly ncert with clarity in understanding the topic will help you to tackle may follow GRB or coaching modules for that
    Don't skip ncert.make it your core book.

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