Can we crack the SNAP Test in a month?

Is it possible??

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10 Respuestas
  • tere bas ki baat nahi hai , chulu bhar pani dhund ke rakh.

  • see, it will be depend upon on you how you study and how you make score in exam. you will be a solid base in English and Arthmatic. you buy best study material and alsoyou make your small small concept very strong. Also make a stretegy along with subject wise. For Sucess any body may know the weeknes on yourself and hiw they come forword from there.take good guidlines also make time managment along with good coaching claess 

  • Well if you are already preparing for CAT, XAT or any other exam, then cracking SNAP in just one month should not be very challenging. All you have to do is focus on General Knowledge and keep yourself updated by reading the newspaper everyday. Try to give as many mocks as possible and analyze them thoroughly. However, if you have not been preparing for any other MBA entrance exam, then preparing for all the sections in just one month can be a difficult task. You should either be a child prodigy or a person with extraordinary skills and intelligence if you are to score well in the exam. So work on your strengths and give in your best. Even if you don’t clear the exam, you will atleast get an experience and can try again next time. You can also follow this link to get quick access to all the SNAP related material for preparation.

  • Yeah probably you can. But the probabiltiy depends on your dedication and commitment to acutally cracking the exam in the given time. Have a study plan. Know the syllabus and distribute it. Then cover at least the most frequent questions. Then you will be able to do it.

  • If you are already preparing for CAT, then there is not much different stuff required to be done for SNAP. The course is almost similar. But if you are preparing for only SNAP, then too you can crack it. Just put a little efforts. Plan and strategize so that you can cover important topics. The focus should be be to cover few topics but cover them thoroughly. Also, give mocks so that you should have idea of how SNAP exam will look like.

  • It is based on person to person. If you have strong english base you can crack the test.It is totally up to you.

  • haha

  • if you are already preparing for CAT or other similar exams than u can definitely crack Cat

  • it's impossible Snap test needs practice & practice in every exam it is nedded

  • It definitely depends upon person to person. If you have got a powerful base in English and arithmetic, I dont assumecracking SNAP are going to be a troublesome task. In AN test like SNAP, the main differentiating issue is your score in GK.
    Get the essential ideas right and you'll positively score well.