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What is the syllabus for UPSC SCRA Exam?

Kindly tell What is the detailed syllabus for UPSC SCRA Exam?

  • Sanchit Singh
  • Sanchit
  • 311 Visto
  • 1 Responder
What are the books for the preparations of UPSC SCRA?

Kindly tell the books, mobile application for the preparations of UPSC SCRA

  • Sanchit Singh
  • Sanchit
  • 255 Visto
  • 1 Responder
SCRA Exam Pattern

What is the exam pattern of SCRA?

  • Vaishali Bharadva
  • Vaishali
  • 1645 Visto
  • 8 Respuestas
What is the eligibility criteria for UPSC SCRA?

Kindly tell what is the required eligibility criteria for UPSC SCRA Exam.

  • Sanchit Singh
  • Sanchit
  • 252 Visto
  • 1 Responder
What is the last date to apply for SCRA? Which is the most convenient mode to apply for it?

What is the last date to apply for SCRA? Which is the most convenient mode to apply for it?

  • Vansha Jain
  • Vansha
  • 440 Visto
  • 3 Respuestas
can you provide analysis no of question from general knowledge it will be very helpful for us

it can help us to understand which topic are important in this exam and it will also gona help us to prepare yours strategy for this exam plz look into this provide us analysize q ...

  • SR
  • Sachin
  • 131 Visto
  • 0 Responder
I am now in class 12 form fill up criteria occur after 12or in 12

Just say about in which month form is relased and exam conducted

  • RA
  • Raj
  • 242 Visto
  • 2 Respuestas
what are the college under SCRA

what does the college under SCRA for BTech which company has been retained by me and treated by me to very

  • HP
  • Harsh
  • 220 Visto
  • 0 Responder
SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprentice) 2018.

Please throw light on the eligibility criteria along with application process and Admit Card details?

  • Vivek Kumar Singh
  • Vivek
  • 920 Visto
  • 2 Respuestas
Interview Questions Of Scra Patterns

What Type Of Questions Are Asked In The Scra Interview Please Help Me If U Can??

  • DT
  • Devansh
  • 1070 Visto
  • 2 Respuestas
is medical test of the SCRA exam is hard ??

because my health is not so good

  • SK
  • Sujal
  • 1817 Visto
  • 1 Responder
when will 2019 scra form will be launched?? please reply soon

I want help of u all. I want to fill up the form

  • SG
  • Subham
  • 290 Visto
  • 1 Responder
can 12th pass student give scra exam?

please suggest me i am in 12th class can i prepare for scra after 12th

  • FS
  • Faizan
  • 544 Visto
  • 1 Responder
Heidi me

hindi me question

  • DK
  • Dharmendra
  • 493 Visto
  • 1 Responder

I want names of them

  • AN
  • Aradhya
  • 418 Visto
  • 1 Responder
is there any book for logical numbers and shapes

is there any book for logical numbers and shapes

  • NR
  • Narasimha
  • 285 Visto
  • 1 Responder
out of 600 how much no. should score for selection?


  • AV
  • Aditya
  • 647 Visto
  • 12 Respuestas
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