are the questions current affairs based?

current affairs issue

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  • Yaa.. There are questions on Current Affairs.

  • Importance of current affairs-
    Upsc has a hobby of asking questions based on current affairs. It has been following the same trend for many years.
    Most of the topics mentioned in the UPSC mains exam syllabus are dynamic. It means the topics have to be regularly studied.
    International relations, Background information on India's relation with other countries can be read from textbooks but for the recent development of bilateral and multilateral relations, one has to follow newspaper regularly for writing good answers.
    UPSC questions are interesting and at the same time challenging also. Most of the times, UPSC derives current issues and asks some basic fundamental question, which is tricky to answer.

  • UPSC do not ask direct current affairs. It expects a student to combine current affairs with conventional knowledge. This is evident from the questions asked in last four years.

    This may be for two reasons –
    1. UPSC wants to kill the extra advantage that those with coaching have. You might have seen various coaching centers coming up with their weekly current affairs, daily current affairs, monthly current affairs, important issues for prelims in last one year etc. It’s very easy to mug up few such booklets. But this is not what UPSC wants.

    2. UPSC wants to check the ability of correlation a candidate has – to correlate current happenings with conventional knowledge. This is what I have always said and reiterating it again – correlating whatever you read in current affairs to conventional book knowledge and vice versa is the essence of UPSC preparation strategy.

  • Not every questions based on current affairs it only depends on the type of paper.. 

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