which is difficult and which has depth in subject CA or CS

about ca and cs

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  • thanks shaik for a2a. 

    here is a piece of advice if you are confused whether to go for CA or CS. my suggestion would be best you start by writing CPT. 
    if you clear CPT it will be accepted as CS foundation as well and you will get enough time to make up your mind to select which one among them. 
    the major difference between CS and CA is that CA is more of practice intensive whereas CS more of theory intensive. by popular poles it can be found that CA is more difficult and has more intricate subjects then CS. 

    but both are difficult and both are easy. it is just your level perception and preparation.
    all the best.

  • CS core work is related to law. CA core work is related to finance, accounts, tax

  • thank u these answers will help me a lot

  • CA is difficult than that of CS.
    CA is a mixture of all cost, tax, accounts, and auditing
    whereas, CS is pure of the corporate and labor laws

  • which ever may be,CS or CA, it as it's own specialty ,like in CA, practical is in depth and theory is reasonable less .where as in CS ,law is blood and life of company Secretary, so if u r good at theory then opt CS or good at practical then opt CA

  • I have heared from many about the complexity level of CA so they shift to CS .But with proper guidance one can achieve what he/she wants regardless of the difficulty it holds. 

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