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General Awareness

Is your General Awareness good enough to ace the upcoming IGNOU OPENMAT entrance test? Leave nothing to chance, start your preparation by using this free online mock test series to its full advantage and to beat the competition.

828 Attempts  |  38 Tested


Reasoning can prove to be your high scoring area if prepared thoroughly, use this online mock test exercise to train and enhance your aptitude for reasoning to crack the nearing IGNOU OPENMAT exam.

189 Attempts  |  26 Tested

Quantitative Aptitude

Cracking IGNOU OPENMAT is difficult without preparing for its Quantitative Aptitude section, leave no topic unattended with this online mock test series and practice all variations of math problems for free.

108 Attempts  |  15 Tested

English Language

How proficient are your English Language skills especially when they are put to test? Train and prepare yourself for the stiff competition up ahead with prep resources and mock test series from Youth4work for free.

123 Attempts  |  14 Tested