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Online Test | Verbal Reasoning

Complete Practice Paper for Verbal Reasoning
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Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension can consume a lot of your time which is the key factor in GRE exam. Practice with our series of practice papers for GRE specially designed to increase your speed in reading comprehension and save your valuable time in the exam.

5595 Attempts  |  862 Tested


Finding analogies can become a tedious task with the given time constraint in the GRE exam. Practice with our GRE practice papers for Analogies to improve your problem solving speed and increase your score in the main exam.

7293 Attempts  |  994 Tested


Choose the best antonym for the word given in GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Test. GRE examination has a dedicated section for antonym type questions. Multiple attempts will help in increasing overall score.

8730 Attempts  |  1026 Tested

Sentence Completion

Complete a sentence to make a meaningful statement in GRE prep test for Sentence Completion. The more you attempt, the more you learn about solving more efficiently.

11957 Attempts  |  1122 Tested

Verbal Reasoning

Take Free Verbal Reasoning Test on Critical Reasoning, Grammar, Vocabulary and Idioms. Try to attempt more than 10 of these as Verbal reasoning is very challenging in GRE examination.

15981 Attempts  |  1431 Tested

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