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Secondary Examination - 10th

A NCVT certified ITI learner has to opt for atleast one of the academic subjects mentioned by NIOS for secondary level exam i.e. 10th. Prepare by practicing mock test papers based on the opted academic subject and observe the improvement in your results.

2598 Attempts  |  151 Tested

Senior Secondary Examination - 12th

Under the Schooling for ITI Trainees scheme by NIOS and DGT MSDE, a NCVT certified ITI Trainee can now get senior secondary certification (12th) through distance education mode. This section offers practice test papers and model tests for various academic subjects as per the syllabus and pattern of 12th Level exam. Select your opted subjects and prepare by taking mock tests with all important questions and previous year papers.

1205 Attempts  |  80 Tested

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