What are the tips and tricks of National Talent Search Examination NTSE?

I want to know What are the tips and tricks of National Talent Search Examination NTSE

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4 Answers
  • Preparation tips and tricks:
    Understand the syllabus. The candidates need to understand the syllabus well and mark all the important topics
    Make a schedule/time table
    Practise sample papers
    Time Management
    NTSE Best books for preparation.
    Eat healthily, stay healthy.
    Take breaks while studying.

  • Hi, I've been through this question of yours when I was in class 9 and what from my personal experience I can tell you is that you keep on solving PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS. The thing is that they don't have a lot to cover in SST and it has almost reached the saturation point here. So especially for NTSE you should prefer the online practice of questions as there are endless numbers of questions. There is this one website which I had found useful during my preparation.

  • Preparation tips for NTSS Exam 2019
    ·         You need to finish 2 sections of NTSS Exam within 240 minutes, which means you need speed with accuracy in order to attempt 200 questions in total. The more you practice, the better chances you have of acing this exam.
    ·         Remember negative marking is not a factor here. Therefore, try to attempt all questions.
    ·         Manage your time properly; give appropriate amount of time to each section. Try to improve your time by practicing as many online tests as possible. Youth4work provides online mock tests will time limit attached to each question; this way one can learn to finish the entire exam within the time limit.
    ·         Studying in a stretch for hours can be tedious and hard and also not so good. Therefore, try to study at several times in regular sessions during a day. This will make learning easy and fun, also you will have enough time to brush up the already studied topics in between intervals.
    ·         It is very important to maintain proper health, so you don’t fall sick on the big day. Give your brain appropriate time to refresh itself. Don’t rush too much information into your head than its limit allows. Take it slow and steady. And get at least eight hours of sleep each night.
    If you need good books and study material for the preparation of NTSS Exam:

  • You need to follow the proper study plan by preparing a complete strategy for every particular subject. The key is that they do hard work smartly which help them to score good. So study what is needed. It is not necessary to study the things out of syllabus. Study according to the exam pattern.. and best way to prepare for any of the exams as when one prepare from the previous year question paper, So by practicing the previous year question papers the candidates will know how much time to spend on each section.

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