What are the key skills for electronics and communication engineer?

I want to know What are the key skills for electronics and communication engineer?

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  • There are two major choices/opportunities that I see for Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduates and following are some skills that I think will be useful for both in short

    Semiconductor/VLSI Industry jobs - Chip design and related

    Fundamentals of Digital Logic Design
    Microarchitecture, State machines, Clocks, Combinational & Sequential Logic
    Fundamentals of Analog Circuit Design
    PLLS, ADC/DAC, High-speed signaling, Signal integrity issues (cross talk, jitter etc)
    Design Methodologies and Flows
    RTL design, Physical design, STA (Static Timing Analysis)
    Hardware Description Languages
    Verilog/SystemVerilog, VHDL
    Transistors and Process Technologies – CMOS, FINFET, etc
    Programming and scripting languages - C, Perl, Python
    Domain Knowledge – CPUs, Wireless, Communication, DSP, etc..

    Embedded System Software Engineers

    Good knowledge in theory and practical's on microcontrollers (PIC, 8051)
    Programming in C, Embedded C, Assembly language
    Knowledge of various peripherals – UART, Timers, ADC/DAC, SPI, I2C
    Understanding of Memory regions (heap, stack etc), Interrupts, DMA
    Driver Software development – Understanding devices, registers and programming
    Understanding of Operating systems, Real-Time OS - Coding using inter-process communication, semaphores, mutex
    Debugging skills – Basic Electronics Debugs and Troubleshooting

    Ekeeda - Electronics and Communication Engineering Courses and Videos

  • Key skill that you are going to need are 
    1. Good mathematical knowledge
    2. Computing ability 
    3. Logical reasoning 
    4. Technical knowledge and interest of circuits
     And above all you will need patience and zeal to learn new skills.

  • key skills for electronics and communication engineer are Must have communication skill and ability to solve mathe problems in a minimum time and have a knowledge of technical .

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