What is the purpose of database management system?

I want to know What is the purpose of database management system?

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  •  A database management system (DBMS) is a software tool that allows arranging data in a database.
    The different functions of DBMS are
    1. Concurrency: concurrent access (meaning 'at the same time') to the same database by multiple users
    2. Security: determine access rights of users by rules for security
    3. Backup and recovery: processes to back-up the data regularly and recover data if a problem occurs
    4. Integrity: database structure and rules improve the integrity of the data
    5. Data descriptions: a data encyclopedia stores a description of the data

  • Purpose of Database Management System are-
    1. Data Redundancy
    2. Data Integrity is Enforced
    3. Inconsistency can be avoided
    4. Data can be shared
    5. Restriction for unauthorized access
    6. Provide Backup and Recovery.

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