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HCSSC Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council
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Online Test | HCSSC Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council

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Designer and Sketcher

The work of Designer & Sketcher is to create designs on graph papers manually for carpets. Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council will train professionals as Designer & Sketcher as per the predefined QP NOS under the PMKVY scheme. Prepare here for the skill test by practicing questions similar to NSDC exam standards. Start practicing and improve your chance of qualifying the exam.

810 Attempts  |  53 Tested

Drill Machine Operator - Stonecraft

The job of Drill Machine Operator (Stonecraft) is to use a stone drill machine on flat stones. Practice for the upcoming skill test conducted by NSDC/HCSSC with our free online mock tests on various topics for the job role of Drill Machine Operator & enhance your chances of clearing the exam and be rewarded and certified under the PMKVY scheme.

331 Attempts  |  37 Tested

Computer Designer

A computer designer creates digital design of carpets using AutoCAD. Have a crack at this prep test to practice questions prepared by experts for NSDC skill test of Computer Designing Trainees under the guidance of HCSSC. Get skilled and recruited by cracking the QP NOS Test by Handicraft & Carpet SSC.

563 Attempts  |  27 Tested

Quality Supervisor

A NSDC certified & trained Quality Supervisor in carpet sector will get an edge ahead others in terms of employability. Prepare for the challenging skill test conducted by NSDC/HCSSC to avail the benefits of PMKVY scheme. Here are few online tests and question papers for quality supervisors which will test the quality inspection & checking skills precisely.

437 Attempts  |  15 Tested

Mixing Operator (Ceramics)

As mentioned in the QP NOS prepared by HCSSC & NSDC, a mixing operator prepares raw materials and mixes them in right proportion to create the slip. These online model tests will provide you a glimpse of what you will face in the actual skill test conducted after successfully completing the training. Start your preparations for PMKVY rewards & certification before time runs out.

230 Attempts  |  13 Tested

Lab Assistant (Ceramics)

The work of Lab Assistant (Ceramics) is to perform tests on the raw materials used in ceramic manufacturing. National Skills Development Council has defined certain QP NOS for the training of lab assistants in handicraft & carpet sector. Practice questions based on various duties of lab assistant in this online test series and inch towards certification and rewards under PMKVY scheme.

133 Attempts  |  10 Tested

Quality Check Technician (Ceramics)

The Handicraft & Carpet Sector Skill Council has defined the QP NOS for Ceramics Quality Check Technician, and according to it the responsibilities of technician is to understand the quality parameters & check the quality. Prepare for the NSDC certification exam at Youth4work with our mixed bag of question banks & sample papers for this job role of Quality check technician. Just begin and you'll know how to proceed.

194 Attempts  |  9 Tested

Floor Supervisor (Ceramics)

The work of a floor supervisor (ceramics) is to manage & monitor production process, he is also responsible for quality check of products. Be a NSDC certified Floor Supervisor to make a career in handicraft & carpet sector. Prepare for the skill test by practicing with our NSDC online test & question bank for this job role. Questions are strictly in accordance with the QP NOS provided by HCSSC & NSDC.

153 Attempts  |  8 Tested

Inspection Operator (Metalware)

Inspection Operator (also known as Checker) in metalware sector is trained to perform inspections & quality checking in various stages of production. Try our Practice tests and question banks (based on QP NOS of Checker) to prepare for the prestigious NSDC skill test and know where you need to improve in order to qualify for certification & rewards under PMKVY Scheme.

183 Attempts  |  7 Tested

Silver Coating Technician (Glassware)

Silver Coating Technicians (Glassware) are trained by HCSSC through various training partners under the PMKVY scheme. Here you will find online tests and question answers based on QP NOS of Silver Coating Technicians (Glassware) for preparation of certification exam. Just begin answering questions and improve your performance.

103 Attempts  |  6 Tested

Master Crochet Lace Maker

A master crochet lace maker prepares crochet lace sample, master pattern and provides instructions for production. Now practice QP NOS based questions at Youth4work for the job role of Master Crochet Lace Maker and prepare for the skill test at NSDC Training Institute to get certified by Handicrafts & Carpet Sector Skill Council.

112 Attempts  |  6 Tested

Tufted Weaving Supervisor

According to the QP NOS prepared by Handicraft & Carpet Sector Skill Council & NSDC, Tufted Weaving Supervisor is responsible for production of tufted carpets & monitors the overall work flow. Take the benefit of PMKVY scheme, get rewards & become a certified Tufted weaving supervisor. Here are a few practice papers and online tests that will help you in clearing the actual skill test.

122 Attempts  |  4 Tested

Loom Supervisor (Knotted Carpet)

The qualification pack of Loom Supervisor - Knotted Carpet, prepared by HCSSC and NSDC defines this job role as the one with responsibilities of supervising knotted carpet production within the prescribed time limit and maintaining its quality. Get some practice before facing the skill test for the job role of Loom Supervisor. In this online mock test you will get to attempt some of the most important questions that can come in the actual exam.

127 Attempts  |  3 Tested