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General Knowledge and Awareness

IIFT entrance exam previous year papers has some decent questions on General Knowledge and Awareness. A compilation of IIFT previous year papers and other important GK & GA questions are available in this section. Start practicing and enhance your chances of admission in Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

2633 Attempts  |  112 Tested

Quantitative Aptitude

IIFT Exam will first test your quantitative aptitude by asking some of the most tricky quants questions. Are you prepared? Attempt as many quants questions in this IIFT mock test as you can, this will help in scoring well in the MBA entrance exam of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

1385 Attempts  |  64 Tested

Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability section tests your English comprehension and grammar skills. IIFT exam will have a dedicated section of Verbal Ability that is very crucial in scoring above cut-off. Attempt a set of 10 questions in this section and know how well prepared you are for IIFT exam.

1436 Attempts  |  47 Tested

Logical Reasoning

To score high in the Logical Reasoning section of IIFT exam, an aspirant requires complete command over the subject. Check how well you fare against your peers in logical reasoning section by taking this online prep test of IIFT MBA entrance exam.

779 Attempts  |  45 Tested

Data Interpretation

As the previous year papers of IIFT exam suggests, Data Interpretation questions are not the easy ones to answer in limited time. But with proper preparation by taking mock test of IIFT exam, aspirants can easily score well above the cut offs. Attempt a test and you'll know how these test can be beneficial in fulfilling your IIFT dreams.

171 Attempts  |  16 Tested

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