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Stocks and Shares

Stocks and Shares questions are somewhat tricky for newbies but after practicing properly, one can solve these problems in a flash. Here you will find all important stocks and shares questions relevant to the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam. Start the online mock test and ace the quantitative ability section.

998 Attempts  |  418 Tested


Do you know your probability of cracking the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam? Try this online mock test paper on the topic of Probability under the quantitative ability section and know where you rank among other aspirants.

1763 Attempts  |  546 Tested

Permutations and Combination

Permutations & Combination problems can really give a headache to even the toppers. Practice online some of the most tricky Permutations and Combination questions to boost up your chances to crack the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam. Start the mock test paper and see where you stand.

1797 Attempts  |  541 Tested

Compound Interest

Compound Interest is a little bit tricky quantitative ability section, but with regular practice at Youth4work, one can easily ace this topic in few hours. Try your hands at some of the most relevant compound interest questions for IBPS Clerk Prelims Paper and know where you stand among others.

1965 Attempts  |  572 Tested

Problems on Trains

Problems on Trains are like finding the relative speed, distance covered and length of trains. Some of these can be really tough to solve but some can be very easy. Take a break from IBPS Clerk Prelims preparations and assess your prowess for solving train based questions by practicing question sets in the online mock test papers at Youth4work.

2222 Attempts  |  632 Tested

Data Interpretation

A banking exam is incomplete without Data Interpretation questions, and hence the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam also throws some of the most difficult D.I. questions to the candidates. So get some practice before facing the actual exam, start attempting all important Data Interpretation questions including sample previous year papers in a series of mock practice tests at Youth4work.

2275 Attempts  |  630 Tested


Quantitative ability questions based on Partnerships can actually be tough to crack in IBPS Clerk exam if you are not prepared well. So start practicing online mock test papers on Partnership questions and become a prodigy in this section before going for the banking and competitive exams.

2432 Attempts  |  672 Tested

Simple Interest

Simple interest questions for IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam are indeed very simple to solve if you are aware of the formula and you can calculate pretty quickly. Let's find out how fast you can solve the next set of 10 simple interest questions from sample and previous year papers with other important questions for bank exams. Start Attempting the online quants practice test now.

2476 Attempts  |  672 Tested

Time And Distance

If you remember well, then you must be aware of the fact that you were introduced to time and distance related questions in your early school days. Now it's time to be prepared well for the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam and time & distance is an important part of the quantitative ability section as per the exam syllabus. Just begin the test and you will know how to be the champ of this topic.

3110 Attempts  |  751 Tested

Decimals And Fractions

Have you aced the questions based on Decimals and Fractions relevant to the IBPS Clerk Exam? Find out by taking a dig at this section of Quantitative Ability and start attempting Decimals And Fractions questions as a part of IBPS Clerk Mock Test.

4654 Attempts  |  1405 Tested


HCF and LCM questions are not so tricky but they can be time taking if you don't practice sufficiently before appearing in the IBPS Clerk Exam. Start practicing IBPS Clerk Online Mock Tests for quantitative ability section and know where you stand among other aspirants.

5021 Attempts  |  1298 Tested


Simplification is not so simple topic to easily fetch you good scores in competitive exams without practicing. Try our mixed bag question bank based on simplification questions for IBPS Clerk Exam. These test papers are based on previous year papers and all other important questions. So just begin the test and assess your preparation progress.

6011 Attempts  |  1558 Tested


Is solving percentage based questions taking too much time as compared to the time limit for IBPS Clerk exam? Start practicing online model test papers here and prepare appropriately so that you can improve your accuracy and speed well enough to crack the prestigious banking exam.

6060 Attempts  |  1118 Tested

Time And Work

You might have been familiar with quants questions based on time and work since your school days. Time and Work is an important section in the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam. If you are out of practice, then you can attempt all important time and work questions in a series of online mock and practice tests.

7889 Attempts  |  1586 Tested

Ratio and Proportion

Have you ever thought in your school days that mastering the topic of Ratio and Proportion can actually help you in getting a clerical job in Indian Banks through the prestigious Common Written Exam conducted by IBPS? Check out how fast and accurately you can answer ratio and proportion in this online practice test and compare your scores with other aspirants.

8621 Attempts  |  1727 Tested

Profit and Loss

IBPS Clerk Mock Test for profit and loss questions in Quantitative Ability section can be attempted here to get accustomed to the exam pattern and question difficulty level of the banking exam. Start practicing and get ranks to know where you stand among other aspirants.

9403 Attempts  |  1677 Tested

Number System

Number System is such an easy topic in quantitative ability section but still IBPS Clerk aspirants find it difficult to master it. Let's have an online assessment of your prowess in Number systems. Just start attempting and you will have ample practice before you appear in the actual test.

16648 Attempts  |  2612 Tested

Quantitative Ability

Take Free Quantitative Ability Mock Test for IBPS Clerk examination and Find your world rank. Try a Quantitative Ability practice question to get your game phase on. If you like the practice question then go for the complete test.

113337 Attempts  |  10676 Tested

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