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Online Test | Computer Knowledge

Complete Practice Paper for Computer Knowledge
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History of Computers

History of Computer is not too long, let's find out how much expertise you have on this topic. Attempt the IBPS Clerk Practice Test on history of computers (which is in accordance with the syllabus and question difficulty level of IBPS Clerk Prelims) to assess your mastery on it.

6273 Attempts  |  842 Tested

Computer Hardware and Software

Computer Hardware and Software is a vast topic but knowing the basics can easily get you through the IBPS RRB Prelims Exam. Check out some of the most frequently asked important Computer Hardware and Software questions in the online practice tests available in this section, answer them, get reports and improve your performance before appearing in the actual RRB CWE Prelims.

8799 Attempts  |  857 Tested

Computer network and Internet Basic

Computer Network and Internet Basic is an important part of Computer Knowledge section of IBPS Clerk Prelims. To check your overall grip on Internet & Networking basics, try your hands at online practice test paper available in this section of IBPS Clerk Mock Tests.

10901 Attempts  |  979 Tested

Computer Knowledge

Attempt this mock test series consisted of 10 objective questions on Computer Knowledge and Application in each test paper and know how much you need to prepare to improve overall score in IBPS Clerk Recruitment Examination.

138724 Attempts  |  8705 Tested

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